Our Property Management Services

Real Estate Management Services is a full-service company with a dedication to excellence and success. We provide a full range of management services for residential properties.  This includes:


Property Analysis - At REMS, we continually evaluate the current market value of your rent unit(s) and advise you on rental rates, long-term expenditures, etc. as the market changes.


Merchandising - Our vast experience in advanced merchandising and rental techniques allows us to help produce a maximum return on your investment.  Through our strategic marketing efforts, we take special care in matching tenants with the right property.


Contracts - Our extensive knowledge of rental legalities and liabilities enable REMS to negotiate and maintain contract terms in order to benefit all parties involved.  


Income Collection/Disbursement - We offer full collection/disbursement capabilities including the collection of rents and the payment of mortgages, utilities, taxes, insurance and other related maintenance fees.


Accounting - Regular bookkeeping acitivities are also provided at REMS.  We prepare monthly financial statements as weill as end-of-year statements.


Delinquent Accounts/Evictions - REMS keeps abreast of changing legal considerations and operates within these guidelines to quickily rectify delinquent accounts.  In the unlikely event of eviction proceedings we will work with the proper agencies to quickly facilitate the process.


Property Site Checks - Our office makes frequent on-site property/building checks to insure that tenants and contracted maintenance personnel are maintaining the property.


Reduced Maintenance Costs - Through volume buying power, we are able to pass along savings on all necessary maintenance work.  Day or night, we are available to handle maintenance needs.


There When You Need Us:

Real Estate Management Services

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